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Privacy Policy

Our Commitment To Your Privacy

This privacy policy is published by Green Star Environmental, because we are strongly committed to protecting your privacy and providing you with an enjoyable, safe online experience.  This privacy policy recognizes the importance of protecting the private information provided by our clients, as well as all of the readers and users of our website.

Our privacy policy was developed with that in mind, and these privacy guidelines are our commitment to our clients and website visitors. Above all else, this privacy policy expresses our fundamental respect for the privacy rights of our clients and website visitors. If, after reading the guidelines in this privacy policy, you have questions which remain unanswered with regard to our privacy policy or any specific privacy practices, please submit your questions in writing via email through our Contact page and cite Privacy Policy in the reference.

Information We Collect

We collect information about visitors to our website during the registration process which occurs for some features and during the visitor’s participation in certain activities on our website. We may gather and aggregate information about visitors by tracking the usage of certain features and pages available on our website. The collection of this information enables us to better tailor our website content to the demand patterns we are able to observe. Thus providing you with a more engaging, enjoyable website environment. The information also positions us to keep you informed about information that you find interesting, thus further enhancing your online experience.

The registration process required by certain sections of our website requests information such as name, email address, telephone number and information about the preferences of our users. When users of our website request pages from our web host, our server automatically collects some information about the website users, including their internet protocol (IP) address.

As you browse our website, rest assured that we only collect information about your visit; we do not collect information about you personally. Through the use of web server logs and browser cookie files, we monitor statistics such as:

  1. How many people visit our website,
  2. How many and which pages on our website are visited,
  3. Which materials do visitors download,
  4. Which website design tools are used by visitors,
  5. From which search engines are our visitors referred,
  6. Which Internet browsers are used by our visitors.

We gather this information from all visitors to our website en toto, and none of the information is associated with you individually. We use these statistics to improve our website. We also use these statistics to monitor the performance of our website in order to make our website easier and more enjoyable for you and other visitors to use.

Use of Information

We use reasonable precautions to keep any personal information which is disclosed to us secure. We do not disclose any of the personally identifiable information we gather to any third parties, except as provided in this privacy policy or in a specific disclosure statement furnished to you when personally identifiable information is provided. Information obtained via our website is only used by us internally. Information collected during the registration process will not be distributed or sold to any outside parties under any circumstances.

Registration or Information Requests

Certain sections of our website may require registration or information may be furnished by you when you request additional information. During these processes, you may be asked to provide certain personally-identifiable and preference information. Green Star Environmental and/or our designees only use this information insofar as is necessary to respond to your request. When you request information, you may also be given the opportunity to subscribe to our mailing list which entitles you to receive future information. If you decide to subscribe to our mailing list, Green Star Environmental or a designee charged with administering such subscriptions will maintain your personally-identifiable information in secure on-line and off-line facilities. Your personally-identifiable information will only be disclosed to certain employees of Green Star Environmental or its designees with a business purpose, to review your information, and provide answers to any requests you have made. Except as set forth in this privacy policy or in a specific disclosure statement made when you have registered, subscribed or purchased goods and services, if you decide not to subscribe to our mailing list, we will not maintain your personally-identifiable information for longer than is reasonably necessary to respond to your request and maintain our computer systems, except to utilize the information in aggregated statistics.

Privacy Policy With Respect To Children’s Privacy

Our privacy policy with respect to protecting the privacy of children is especially important to us. For that reason, we do not intend to collect or knowingly collect or maintain personally-identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13.

General and Linking Information

Our website is connected to the websites of our affiliates, customers, contractors, publishers, authors and others. You will likely have numerous opportunities to follow hyperlinks to those websites and other sites of interest. We endeavor to link only to reputable organizations related to the areas of interest of our clients and visitors. However, because these other websites are not hosted by or controlled by us, we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of those websites. Hyperlinks to third parties which are maintained by other businesses and organizations are provided by us as a service to our users, but they are beyond our control. We cannot and do not provide any warranty about the accuracy or source of any information contained on any of those third party websites or the content of any file the user might download from those websites. The privacy policy of any of these third party websites may differ significantly from this privacy policy. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of each of those other websites. This privacy policy only applies to information collected and maintained by us.

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